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howdy friends, just cleaned the house, now i’m gonna rehearse for this fridays show with Eleni Manell. Can’t wait to hear her play!

rainy night

what to say on a rainy night…i taught the cutest girls singing lessons tonight…all about 11 yrs…loving Taylor Swift. Wide eyed and full of unleashed power.


Hey Dahlings, it’s a moist day…all alone in the woods. I miss playing shows for you all. I am addicted to you…love! lily

latest ITUNES update

HI beatiful people! Thanks for all your interest. So there’s been some glitch at ITUNES and the record will be up by Tuesday. Savor the trepidation…xo!


I am so sorry everyone about the delay on ITUNES. Will have the record up ASAP…promise!!


Today “Do what you Love” hits HMV, Rotate This, Soundscapes, Archambault and many more stores including online sales like Itunes, maple music and Amazon. See list at “BUY NOW” thanks for your support and interest! LILY