Do What You Love – CD


  1. Background Radio – Video
  2. I'm on Fire – Video
  3. Do What You Love – Video
  4. Grenade
  5. Poetry
  6. No Promises
  7. Long Sweet Ride
  8. It Shines
  9. Stand – Video
  10. San Tropez
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WATCH: “Do What You Love” and “Viridian Torch” promotional video

“But if you haven’t been paying close attention, now’s the time to start – the criminally underrated singer/songwriter is conveying some seriously positive vibes right now. Frost’s new album, Do What You Love (Aporia), is a high-spirited collection of smart indie pop featuring her clear and glorious voice, honest and direct lyrics, and spellbinding songwriting that often takes surprising twists. (She’s a master chorus-writer.) Written as a letter to her baby girl, it has a universal message: Do what you love.”
~Carla Gillis, NOW Magazine

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