Viridian Torch – CD


  1. The City Seems So Far
  2. Emily Carr
  3. Forest Fire
  4. Chalet du Bois – Video
  5. Wychwood
  6. Thompson Pines
  7. Bug Tax – Video
  8. La Tempête
  9. Lullaby
  10. Verlaine
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“Viridian Torch” promotional video

While her previous work drew heavily on the urban landscape, Viridian Torch was inspired by the Canadian wilderness – ancient trees, terrifying electric storms, irritating insects, and romance with the land, as expressed in French poetry. Having recently moved from downtown Toronto to a corner of Lake Huron her family has called its own for three generations, a change in living environment was sure to result in a change in musical inspiration.

“The disc twists through ethereal folk, baroque pop, cabaret, French chansons and even a hint of prog-rock in an effort to get a grip on its elemental subject matter, demonstrating once again what a versatile talent we have in Frost.”
~Ben Rayner, Toronto Star

“…this local treasure favours spare, echoing guitars and lush, romantic settings full of strings and Parisian café-ready accordion.” “You’ll probably hear Lily Frost alongside other, lesser Canadian artists, but don’t mistake her talent for anything less than unique.”
~Dave Morris, Eye Weekly

“Viridian Torch, an artful album of woodland drama and romance, sung in French and English, by turn lilting and stormy – a love letter to Lake Huron.” “There doesn’t seem much Frost can’t do, her six albums all vary in style.”
~Brad Wheeler, Globe and Mail

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